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It's not every day you can FLY a Legendary Aircraft with a Certified Legendary Pilot.  Now you can!
Bud and Ross Granley, father and son, are great guys and two of the hottest Air Show pilots in the world today.  Both are former Royal Canadian Air Force fighter and Instructor Pilots.  Bud was demo pilot for the CF-86 and Ross flew with the  RCAF Snowbirds. 
Bud has been a fixture at the Reno National Air Races for many years, racing T-6's, P-51's and the Sea Fury "Furias."  He was voted the 2005 Art Scholl Showmanship Award by his peers in the International Council of Air Shows, the toughest jury in the air show world.
The Granley Stable of aircraft includes the Legendary North American AT-6 Texan, Russian Yak-55, Yak-18T and Fouga Magister jet.  All are flown in their Air Shows, plus Bud and Ross perform a spectacular Dual Show flying the Yak-55 and Yak-18T together!  The Yak-55 is a purpose-built, single-seat aerobatic airplane and the Yak-18T is a FOUR-place aerobatic touring airplane.  Together, this unlikely combination makes a spectacular show--smoke, noise and an unbelievable set of maneuvers you won't see any where else!  Snap Rolls on Takeoff, Formation Roll-Arounds, Tail Slides, Inverted Hovers (!), 32-Point Rolls, the "Head-On Takeoff Criss-Cross-Snapski," the "Budinski" and "Budoutski," "Ratchet Wrench Roll," "Flopping Taco," "Budouchski," Humpty Bump and many more! 
Now YOU can FLY these Legendary Aircraft with a Legendary Pilot!

YOU can FLY the Legends WITH a Legend!

Wild Blue Aviation
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18228 59th Dr. NE, Arlington, WA, 98223 USA
Arlington Municipal Airport (KAWO)
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Ross Granley and the CF-18

Bud and Ross doing The Head-On Takeoff Criss-Cross-Snapski in the Yak-18T and Yak-55

The Legends! North American AT-6 "Texan" (or Harvard to all you Canucks) and Bud Granley

 Bud in a spitfire

Now, on a limited basis,  you can FLY with these Legendary pilots in their Legendary airplanes.  Aerobatic and "FAST" Formation Flight Training and Certification, Demonstrations, Type-Conversion Training and Type Ratings, press rides or your own Personalized Warbird Experience.
To arrange a flight, call Rick Davis at 206-850-6160. 
To learn more about the Granleys and their Air Shows see their website at www.airshowpilot.com
Ain't nothin' like it nowhere!  Legendary!