​​​​​​​Wild Blue Aviation

Everybody loves the Big Boss Man--nothin' like he sound of a pair of R-2800's

Dreadnaught's new 4360 done blowed up

Glenn wants a new car--Roush supercharged 427 Mustang

Monday morning, time to go home--so long Truckee-Tahoe airport

Czech Mate finished 4th in the Gold

​Reno '08

The Bear done blowed up, too. Note oil on the tail.

​Another Excellent Adventure

Glenn in front of Dago Red--finished 2nd

The Beeg Wiener--Strega!

Jim, Kevin and Glenn with V​oodoo

not quite o'dark 30 Saturday morning--the WBA crew--210, Swift, 172 and 8 bodies--let's roll!