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Pilot Certificates and Ratings

Pick the Pilot Certificate you need and the airplane you want to fly. Keep it Simple, choose fewer restrictions or go for the Gold. You can even Fly a Classic Taildragger or a WARBIRD. You make the choice!

You can earn your Sport Pilot, Receational Pilot, Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor or Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, whatever suits your needs and ambition. Wild Blue Aviation's fleet of aircraft changes periodically, but here's a sample of what's available, ranging from Classic WWII military liaison aircraft, postwar Classics and the latest glass panel IFR GPS equipped airplanes.

Here's the WBA fleet:

1942 Aeronca L-3F military liaison aircraft, a real thing WARBIRD, that qualifies for both Light Sport and Standard Category aircraft training: $100/hr

1969 Cessna 150--cheap, fun flyin'! Save lotsa money in this sweetheart. Only $100/hr. Can't beat it!

Classic 1948 Cessna 170--a real beauty--tailwheel and all except LSA: $140/hr

180hp Cessna 172 with an Aspen Glass Panel and Garmin 430W IFR GPS perfect for Instrument Rating, Private or Commercial Pilot training: $140/hr 


You can mix and match to the type of training you're looking for. Below are some typical costs:


Sport Pilot Certificate--Airplane, Single-engine Land

Learn to FLY for Fun in a Classic 1942 Aeronca L-3F, one of only 19 built, drafted into the Army Air Corps at the beginning of World War II--don't know how many are left--the military version of an Aeronca Super Chief. A Real Thing WARBIRD!

​20 hours Flight Time @ $100/hr                                                                                               $2000

22.5 hours flight and ground instruction @ $60/hr                                                                      1350

TOTAL                                                                                                                                      $3350

Wait a minute!  What about $80/hr?  Pay in advance and take a 20% discount-- fly for only $80/hr and save $400--for a total of only $2950!  

Recreational Pilot Certificate--Airplane, Single-engine Land    

All airplanes fly the same, but Recreational Pilots enjoy nearly all the privileges of Private Pilots, without the restrictions on Sport Pilots 

30 hours Flight Time in Aeronca L-3F or Cessna 150 @ $100/hr                                          $3000

30 hours Flight and Ground Instruction @ $60/hr                                                                   1800

TOTAL                                                                                                                                   $4800

Pay in advance and save 20%--$400--only $4200!


30 hours Flight time in a 180hp Cessna 172 with an Aspen Glass Panel PFD and IFR Garmin 430W GPS  @ $140/hr                                                                                                                       $4200
30 hrs flight and ground instruction @ $60/hr                                                                             1800
Total                                                                                                                                          $6000


​Fly a beautiful 1948 Cessna 170 taildragger--same cost as in our Cessna 172

Of course you can pay in advance and take a 20% discount--fly for only $112/hr and save $840--for a total of only $5160!

Private Pilot Certificate—Airplane, Single-Engine, Land

None of the restrictions that apply to Sport or Recreational Pilots

40 hours Flight time in a 180hp Glass Panel IFR Cessna 172 @ $140/hr                $5600
30 hrs flight and ground instruction @ $60/hr                                                             1800
Total                                                                                                                           $7400

Pay in advance and take a 20% discount--save $800--for a total of only $6280!                                

Howzabout learning to fly in a Classic 1948 Cessna 170? She's a beauty and only $140/hr--same as our Cessna 172--find out what rudder pedal are for!

Even better...

Got a buddy who wants to fly, too?  You can both learn to fly at the same time in my 180hp Cessna 172 (or 170)--the Buddy System.  While you  fly, your buddy observes from the back seat--no charge for the buddy in the back!  You and your buddy trade off flying and observing--and learn a lot from watching each other--plus it actually makes the airplane handle better with a little weight in the back.  Save some big buck$$, too.  Call for details. 

Instrument Rating in Cessna 172 w/180hp, Aspen Glass Panel and Garmin 430W GPS

40hrs flight time IFR Cessna 172 w/180hp @ $140/hr                                                $5600
60 hrs flight and ground instruction @ $60/hr                                                                3600
Total                                                                                                                             $9200

OR take a 20% discount--pay in advance and pay only $100/hr ($1120 savings) for a total of only $8180!

Note that this assumes you have no previous instrument training.  Of course you got some training for your Private Pilot Certificate and you may be getting your Instrument Rating in conjunction with your Commercial Pilot Certificate, which requires some instrument training, too, so this kind of represents a worst case scenario. 

Commercial Pilot Certificate—Airplane, Single-Engine, Land

20 hrs flight time in Cessna 172 @ $140/hr                                                                $2800
10 hrs flight time in Bellanca 14-13-2/180 @ $180/hr                                                   1800
40 hrs flight and ground instruction @ $60/hr                                                               2400
Total                                                                                                                            $7000

Pay in advance and get a 20% discount (a $920 savings) for a total cost of only $6080.  

Flight Instructor Certificate—Airplane, Single Engine

10 hrs flight time C-172 $140/hr                                                                                  $1400
10 hrs flight time in Bellanca 14-13-2/180 @ $180/hr                                                   1800
40 hrs flight and ground instruction  @ $60/hr                                                              2400
Total                                                                                                                            $5600

Pay in advance and get a 20% discount--a savings of $640--for a total of $4960 

All you CFI's should take a look at the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators--SAFE, get it?--and their web site at
www.safepilots.org Also check out the National Association of Flight Instructors.  Their website is at www.nafinet.org.
Tailwheel Endorsement

10 hrs flight time in Cessna 170 @ $140/hr                                                                  $1400
15 hrs flight and ground instruction @ $60/hr                                                                   900  Total                                                                                                                              $2300
Discounts?  You bet.  Pay in advance and get a 20% discount (a $280 savings) for a total cost of only $2120

Precision Aircraft Control Training 

This is training every pilot should receive. Learn to handle your airplane in every situation and explore the edges of the flight envelope:  extremely slow flight maneuvering, falling leaf, aggravated stalls, slips, “normal” spin entries, spin entries from slips, skids etc. and precision recoveries with minimum altitude loss. 

5 hours in 180hp Cessna 172 or Classic Cessna 170 @ $140/hr                                   $700 

10 hours flight and ground training @ $60/hr                                                                    600 

Total                                                                                                                               $1300                                                                                         
SAVE $125--20% discount for payment in advance                                                      $1160

Basic Bush Flying

Approaching, Landing and Departing Short, Narrow, Confined runways, including paved, grass, gravel and Mountain airports—your airplane or mine.

5 hours 180hp Cessna 172 or Cessna 170 @ $140/hr                                                $700

10 hours flight and ground instruction @ $60/hr                                                             600      TOTAL                                                                                                                    $1300

SAVE 20% discount for payment in advance                                                              $1160

Coming Soon! Basic Aerobatics--spins, loops and rolls

5 hours in a Bellanca Decathlon @ $140/hr                                                                     $700

10 hour ground and flight training @ $60/hr                                                                       600

Total                                                                                                                                $1300

Of course you can save 20% by paying in advance                                                      $1160

Want to FLY a Classic Aircraft?  You can!

1948 Cessna 170 tailwheel beauty

1941 Aeronca L-3F Light Sport Warbird

Forget the spamcans! 

Fly some of the world's truly Great Airplanes--Get the Right Stuff at Wild Blue Aviation!  

Wild Blue Aviation
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Learn to Fly and get your Instrument Rating in this 180hp Cessna 172 with an Aspen Glass Panel PFD and Garmin 430W IFR GPS


ONLY $80/hr!!!


That's right, only
$80/hr!  If you are in top mental and physical condition and are outstanding in character, you can Learn to Fly at Wild Blue Aviation. Must be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, cheerful, brave, clean, adventurous, fun loving, kind to animals, small children and lesser mortals. Your airplane, my airplane, Taildraggers, Classics, Experimentals, Warbirds. YOU CAN DO IT! Call your Recruitment Officer today--Capt. Jerry Painter, CFI/Chief Pilot/A&P/Airport Bum. Ain't no spam spoken here!

Coming soon! Aerobatics!

​​​​​Wild Blue Aviation

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Pilot and Tailwheel training in a Classic 1948 Cessna 170

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