Jantar 2B and Wilga--pretty long wings, eh? 20.5 meters worth!

one of these first days I'll be getting one--what a pretty airplane!

turbo Goose in paradise--all I need is $$$!

my Cub

Capt. Vaughn

1939 Fairchild F24R9

Jim Wright and the Hughes H-1, serial #002. Photo by Eric Presten

Rudy Malaspina and Broussard nose art by Mike Mansur

Picture Gallery

Max Holste MH1521 "Broussard"--a flying pickup truck!

​​​​​​​Wild Blue Aviation

Pitts S-2A

Joe Rieger's MiG-21

Naval Aircraft Factory N3N emblem--for all you N3N fans

future astronaut, ERAU graduate and now NASA engineer, former student Natalie Spencer shines it up

Delmar Benjamin's Gee Bee replica built by Steve Wolf

Citabria 7GCAA

Jantar 2B

My Nanchang makes the magazines (with its new owner)

Moonbeam McSwine--C'mon boys! Let's get those props synched!