​​​​​​​Wild Blue Aviation

The Great Recession took a big toll on the flyin' biz. Before it began in 2006 there were five flying schools here at KAWO. Wild Blue Aviation was the only survivor.  Finally, ten years later (2016), things seem to be getting back to normal. Nanchangs (one of my favorite airplanes!) and Yaks seem to have vanished. Prices are waaaay down. But guess what? Folks are showing some interest again and I'm getting calls for airplanes I had advertised for sale ten or fifteen years ago (the internet is immortal--nothing ever dies). At the peak it seemed like anyone who had a picture of a CJ was advertising at prices that were just crazy. Not any more. Although still more expensive than -52's (which are REALLY cheap now), prices are much more reasonable. We still have our contacts in China and will be making a trip over there to see what's available pretty soon. Standby for news!!!

Nanchangs? Yaks?Under Construction