Absolutely beautiful 1948 Cessna 170 fresh from total restoration with a fresh engine, airframe, paint and interior--better than new! Nothing skipped to make this the nicest 170 anywhere. 2529 TTAFE 83 SMOHEP, fresh annual, new magnetos and harness, battery, hoses, exhaust, baffling and seals, all instruments overhauled, Cleveland wheels and brakes, new Alaska Bushwheel tailwheel (Scott 3200 clone), LED landing light and strobing LED nav lights plus a strobe, absolutely corrosion free. Even smells like a new airplane! Garmin SL40 com, Garmin GTX320A txp/c, PS 1000 intercom, PTT, vortex generators etc. 960 lbs useful load is 250 lbs more than most 170's, so at normal loads it performs like its got 180hp! None Nicer Nowhere! $49,500 or trade for Citabria, Decathlon etc. Call Jerry Painter​ Wild Blue Aviation 425-876-0865

Spotlessly clean and dry

Custom leather interior

runs like a watch


CLASSIC BEAUTY • $39,999 • FOR SALE OR TRADE • Beautiful one-of-a-kind Bellanca Cruisair 14-13-2 w/Lycoming 180, McCauley constant speed--no AD's--complete w/STC, ceconite on the wings and fuselage, polyurethane finish. Beautiful slick wings look like glass. I hate to see her go--a real sweetheart. Winner ’03 Bellanca-Champion Club Show. 1491 TTAF, 2241TTE, 241SMOH, fresh annual, runs like a watch, all compression high 70's. Cruise 180+on 9gph, leaves Bonanzas, Mooneys and Comanches in the dust! 3 tanks w/54 gallons for 1000+ mile range. External baggage door plus interior access.  She's a go fast and land slow, wonderful handling, beautiful $12K leather interior.  KX170B w/GS KT76/C EGT CHT intercom, hydraulic gear and flaps, 733 pounds useful load.  Perfect--none nicer nowhere! Sell for $39,999 or trade for aerobatic--RV, Yak, CJ, Citabria, Zlin, CAP etc. Make me an offer I can't refuse! • Contact Jerry Painter - WILD BLUE AVIATION, located Arlington, WA USA • Telephone: 425-876-0865

Custom Interior


WHAT A SWEETHEART!! • $29,999.99 • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED • Booo Hooo Hooo Hooo!!! I love this airplane! But she's gotta go...sob...  :<(   Miss Flame-O is one of the nicest C-140's anywhere--spotless C-90, custom interior, new glass, polished prop, Clevelands, intercom, PTT's, txp/c, strobes, even a glide slope receiver. Runs like a watch, but gravity and pasta have finally caught up with me and I need more room. 2567.9 TTAF, 1122.3 TTE, 445.3 SMOH, only 33.6 STOH w/4 new cylinders, pistons and rings, fresh annual. This a real 9+ airplane in all respects--beautiful in, out and mechanically.  Sell for $29,999.99 or trade for C-170, Yak, CJ-6, Citabria, RV, LSA etc. Maybe even a Stinson, an Alon Aircoupe or a Beech Skipper. Make me an offer I can't refuse...sigh...She's gotta go! • Contact Jerry Painter - WILD BLUE AVIATION

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Runs as good as she looks

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