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So you want to be a fighter pilot?  Take a look at this!  Terrific Red Flag video--48 minutes long!  Great stuff!

Click here for Yak-52 vs. Nanchang CJ-6A aerial combat video!

Take a ride in a Yak-52TW
Rocket Man!

Love those WWII training films:  how to fly a Chance Vought F4U Corsair!
Jamail Larkins!  Airport Kid Makes Good!
Embry-Riddle Aviation University
Hey!  The FAA wants to HELP you learn to fly!
C'mon Kids!  Let's Build a Plane!
Lots of Good Stuff for us Student Pilots and everyone else, too!
RPA--the Red Star Pilot's Association.  Lots of Good Stuff for all us Yaksters!
Here are some great shots of Space Shuttle STS 114
You gotta love Budd Davisson's stuff
So, you want to be a Fighter Pilot, eh?  Loooooong video--great stuff!
Military aviation and more
A pretty girl, aerobatics and a parrot--Patty Wagstaff!
Bud and Ross Granley are two nice guys who also do one of the best aerobatic shows you'll see anywhere
We need the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association!
The Hughes H-1 Racer and Jim Wright
Barnstormers--THE aviation marketplace
More Howard Hughes--the Spruce Goose!
Starfighters! The Lockheed F-104
Aero News Net--for your daily fix of aviation news
for you Jimmy Buffett fans with a Howard Hughes twist
Cobra (the car) fans
Join the Experimental Aircraft Association!
International Aerobatic Club
Vintage Aircraft
National Association of Flight Instructors
Seattle's Museum of Flight
Aircraft engines history
The Friendly Aviation Administration
Need Money?
Bird Dogs--and other Funny Stuff
Evergreen Soaring
Cascade Warbirds
Aerostar--manufacturer of the Yak-52
Those sneaky Temporary (hah!) Flight Restrictions (TFR's)
Care and feeding of Lycoming Engines
A little airport in California
The International Council of Airshows

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