​​​​​​​Wild Blue Aviation

​AIRCRAFT RESTORATION AND MAINTENANCE • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED • Whether you have a Warbird or an Ultralight, a Glider or a Jet, WBA can keep your aircraft in top condition. WBA has more than 50 years experience with everything from gliders, J-3’s and helicopters to 747’s. We specialize in aircraft restoration and owner assisted maintenance--and never charge a dime more than the agreed upon cost. Dope and Fabric, Woodwork, Experimentals and Round Engines are our specialties--we love Antiques, Classics, Gliders, Yaks and Nanchangs. Yes, we speak composites, too! Let us work with you to provide the best restorations and maintenance at the lowest cost--no expensive surprises at Wild Blue Aviation! • Contact Jerry Painter - WILD BLUE AVIATION located Arlington, WA USA • Telephone: 425-876-0865

​Aircraft Restoration and Maintenance